BTW: Interventions 6 – 10 will be released on July 20th


Nicholas Patrick Quigley is an independent composer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Best known as a creative and interdisciplinary musician, he is also currently an educator, researcher, and artistic industry consultant. He studied at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and earned the Chancellor's Music Scholarship, and is currently pursuing advanced study at Boston University School of Music. He is a member of Pi Kappa Lambda, the national music honor society.

Heralded as "precise and emotional," "inquisitive," and "intensely, almost painfully intimate," Interventions 1 – 5 is a collection of classical chamber music and contemporary alternative songs presented as a gallery exhibition. The experience includes works for strings; solo piano; guitar and voice; solo celesta; solo viola; and a trio of bassoon, marimba, and viola.



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Directed by Gregory Mahan.