Interventions 1 – 5

Nick Campbell: Audio Engineer

Brian Cannady: Marimba, Intervention No. 4

Alenka Donovan: Violin, Overture and Epilogue

Kevin Grainger: Bassoon, Intervention No. 4

Jon Kohen: Guitar and Voice, Intervention No. 2 and Epilogue

Linnea Marchie: Viola, Overture and Epilogue

David Mason: Viola, Intervention No. 4 and Intervention No. 5

Stuart McDonald: Violin, Overture and Epilogue

Sean Patterson: Lead Audio Engineer and Mastering Engineer

Nicholas Patrick Quigley: Composer and Songwriter

Carolyn Regula: Violoncello, Overture and Epilogue

Alexander Thomas: Piano, Intervention No. 1; Celesta, Intervention No. 3