Interventions 6 – 10

Lauren Casey-Clyde: Euphonium, Interlude No. 1 (a, b, and c)

Taylor Hawkins: Assistant Audio Engineer

Samuel Kelder: Viola, Intervention No. 6, Intervention No. 8, and Intervention No. 10; Metronomes and Tuners, Intervention No. 8

Gregory Mahan: Lead Audio Engineer and Mastering Engineer

Leighton Moylan: Assistant Audio Engineer

Meghan Nadworny: Audio Engineer for environmental soundscape recordings, Interlude No. 1 (a, b, and c)*

Nicholas Patrick Quigley: Composer and Songwriter, album; Voice, Intervention No. 7

Rachel Shipp: Assistant Audio Engineer

Alexander Thomas: Piano, Intervention No. 6

*additional soundscape recordings sourced from