Intervention No. 2, Episode III: "Nowhere, Anytime"

from Interventions 1 – 5


Have you seen my ghost? ‘Cause I’m running ‘round

with my eyes on the moonlight and in the dark,

and my heart blooming out like an open book

to be read by the wind on the shore,

like a secret on your tongue

that you’d only bring to rest.


Now I’m good as dead, lying like a stone

thrown by your heavy heart to mine, shattered like cold ice

in my hand, on your face like a tender kiss

from a bus or a train or a gun,

like the stars found in your teeth

that could only chew on me.


On some normal street, there are battle cries

from people who look just like me, only killing you,

and they bring knives and flames to your half-closed eyes

to be closed by a man with a gun.

Now you’re nowhere, anytime.

You are nowhere, anytime.


They said “love will win, love will always win,

hate will never win.” And here we are, my love in the ground

and now I’m running ‘round, my eyes on the moon

in the dark in the wind on the shore.

Now I’m nowhere, anytime.

I am nowhere, anytime.